"Traci's Pregnancy Massage relieved intense back and hip pain in my third trimester, allowing me to sleep soundly through the night without tossing and turning! After I had my baby, her massage therapy relieved the aches and pains in my shoulders, neck and back that came from nursing and carrying my infant son. After a session I feel relaxed both physically and emotionally!" - Laura F.

"Traci is a remarkably gifted massage therapist. I have suffered from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis for many years and use massage therapy to manage my pain. Over the years I have had massages given to me by over 20 therapists and Traci has given me the best results.  She has an incredible ability to work on the pain sites, giving me relief that lasts. I book sessions bi-weekly, and I firmly believe she has helped to keep me out of a wheelchair. I am a believer that massage therapy is money well-spent, preferable over pain medication with no side affects!" - Ruth M.